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President's Message

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MASHCO group has always nurtured the ambition to be one of the market powers and serve up to the level of our customers' expectations through the achievement of our business goals.

We will constantly develop human resource skills and capabilities for better performance of the whole group.

The diversity of products and services our companies offer to the market, and the complexity of its activities, over the challenges of the competition are the factors that count most in the business world.

We ensure quality of service through careful consideration and continuous improvement that live up to the customers' expectations and matching the limits of our aspirations and desires.

Proper attention to teamwork takes its place as a high priority of MASHCO on the grounds that the human element is the real wealth and the stable foundation for increasing the efficiency of our performance.

I reiterate our continued commitment to our customers to satisfy their business needs through our team and our branches inside and outside the Kingdom.

I thank all those who have and continue to contribute to us at MASHCO the action team, suppliers, investors and our partners.

Our motto will remain as always, as a values-based business that is supportive to the national economy and in recognition of our government.