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Where it all began…

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First and foremost, we offer our thanks and gratitude to the Government of this great country for their protection and freedom of the national economy, and to the real founder, our beloved late Sheikh Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Saeed.

He had moved from Al-Ahsa to Bahrain in the early twentieth century to start his own business. Having built a flourishing business, he lost all of his capital in Bahrain due to a fire accident and returned back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia empty handed. He started working at the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) with full enthusiasm.

After many years of service at ARAMCO, he built his own business in the early forties and became one of the flags of the region's economy. He developed his trading business into various areas by diversifying into an industrial and commercial, private entity.

He was one of the founders of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eastern Province. He was also associated with the huge national companies such as the Saudi Electricity Company and the Cement Company. With his vision and determination, the business grew over the years and expanded outside the country spreading into Bahrain and Lebanon. He was turned to God's mercy in 1996.