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MASHCO was founded in 2000  as a holding company with various business units specializing in fields such as Construction, Engineering and Oil Services, Energy and Industrial Services, Building Materials, Mechanical, Medical & Electrical Supplies, Operations & Maintenance Services , Hospitality & Catering, Transportation & Logistics, Cement & Steel, Real Estate and Financial Investments.

MASHCO is supporting the companies in financial services, research management and legal experts to add advice in Business Development, Financial Management, Human Resources, Investments and Legal departments. The MASHCO group is a result of the efforts of tripartite group of intellectuals, professionals and implementing partners.

From the beginning, MASHCO has applied a strategy of geographical expansion through diversification of business sectors by building corporations that cover a large part of the market share through innovative products and services. This is supported by a network of our branches in all the main regions.

In a commitment to add value to the markets we operate in, we seek and develop new investment opportunities to match the economic growth in the region, by creating new ventures, wholly owned or jointly with strategic partners.